Uh-Oh Starbucks Began Its War On Christmas Today (IMAGE)

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I’m sure you all remember the right-wing freakout in 2015 when Starbucks released its holiday cup. The offending cup was red but didn’t have Santa Claus holding a baby Jesus while riding on a reindeer. The right was so pissed off about a red cup they called for a boycott and lost their shit all over the interwebs. Meanwhile, I enjoyed more Starbucks that year than any other time in my life because I thought the conservative tears were so delicious, but I digress. This morning I was scrolling through the internet, looking for news and I came upon the 2017 Starbucks holiday cup and boy is it a doozie:

OMG you guys, I see ZERO baby Jesus photos on that cup. What is that? Two people holding hands? No “Merry Christmas”! And an offending red cup in the drawing on the new cup? Sweet Lord, the world is ending. Of course, some liberals took this release as an opportunity to troll the butthurt right-wingers from holidays past:


In reality, this cup shouldn’t stir up any controversy. It was illustrated by Jordan Kay of the Starbucks Creative Studio and he did a pretty decent job trying to incorporate all things holiday season into the drawing, but then again, the right isn’t exactly made-up of rational human beings. I am sure that one deranged “Christian” is going to start tweeting “PUT ‘CHRIST’ BACK INTO ‘CHRISTMAS’ STARBUCKS!” because that’s just how they roll. Hopefully, I’m wrong, we will have to see.

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Watch the new cup commercial below:

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