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Trump Is STILL Stamping His Feet About How Unfair The Debate Was (VIDEO)

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We knew it was coming: Trump has decided that the debate moderator was a big ol’ meanie head. While commiserating with Bill O’Reilly, Trump whined about the whopping 41 times he was interrupted by Lester Holt during the presidential candidates headlong rush to monopolize the debate.

Some numbers here to put this in perspective:

It seems that Donald Trump doesn’t know that it is a moderator’s job to make you stop talking when it is someone else’s turn. It is a tough thing to learn, taking turns — any first grader will tell you so.

Trump says that he thought Lester Holt did well, initially, but “many people” thought he did horribly. And upon review, Holt did poorly. Why? Because he fact checked Trump and interrupted him.

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Sadly, Trump repeated his own lies AGAIN, despite fact checking, that Stop and Frisk in New York worked. He literally used Lester Holt’s fact-checking him on it as an example of Holt doing poorly. Trump then said that it “turned out” that he was totally right about Stop and Frisk, despite his claims being well-known lies.

He whined that Hillary was treated better and gave Holt a low grade of “C” because Holt challenged his lies.

Trump interrupted Hillary 39 times, Hillary only interrupted Trump 9 times. Holt interrupted Trump 41 times getting him back on schedule and fact checking yet only interrupted Hillary 9 times… perhaps it is because she knows how to take turns?

Oh, and Hillary didn’t tell lies every few minutes, either.

Trump, once again, is blaming his poor performance on everything, and everyone, but himself.

Watch the segment here:


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