Unique Characters For Any Occasion: Aiden Bearheart, 8th Level Druid Werebear

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It’s pretty evident I am a nerd, but to add insult to injury, I build RPG characters just for fun. When i’m bored or just looking for something to occupy my time for awhile, I’ll sit down and come up with a character concept and then fire up ye olde Hero Lab and build the character. I could easily just delete them or let them take up idle space in my hard drive, or… I could share them with you. Feel free to use some or all of the concept in your future endeavors!

I am not overly religious but I am spiritual and my totem animal has always been a bear. At 6’1″ and 300+ pounds, I am a bit of a bear myself (sorry guys, totally straight, but I am flattered all the same!). Being from the frozen northland, I have always strongly identified with the grizzly or the polar bear most of all. That is where this character comes in — Aiden Bearheart. Just a straight up badass druid who turns into a fricking bear just for funsies.

If this character doesn’t float your boat, I bet pirate captain Tidas Dregg will! (Click here!)




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