University Delays Scaramucci Talk After He Threatens School’s Student Newspaper

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Anthony Scaramucci had a very brief stint as White House communications chief because of his big mouth. Instead of keeping his nose down and doing his job he went on an unhinged rant about Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus to a reporter which led to his resignation. You would think that he’d have learned his lesson, right? Yeah, not so much.

On Monday we learned Tufts University in Massachusetts, Scaramucci’s alma mater has postponed a talk that was scheduled with the disgraced White House staffer after he threatened the student newspaper. Scaramucci was angry that Tufts Daily published an op-ed by Camilo Caballero who called for “The Mooch” to be removed from the law school’s board of advisors and voiced concerns about “unethical behavior”:

The list of reputable Tufts/Fletcher alumni who can serve the board and represent our school with honor is long. It is easier to say what could or should be done than actually doing it. But if we are going to protect the long-term reputation and values of Fletcher, we need to act now in order to be able to say we did the right thing when it counted. It seems that we have come to a point where the power of money is taking precedence over the power of values. The consensus amongst the petitioners — students, faculty and alumni — about Scaramucci’s seat on the board seems to be overwhelmingly negative.

Thus it is up to the administration and board to listen to what is being said, to conduct any research relevant to the issue and to use the information and their collective wisdom and experience to weigh the long-term costs against the short-term benefits of Scaramucci’s continued service on the board.

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Scaramucci was so livid he had his attorney send the newspaper a letter threatening legal action unless they apologized. On Sunday night, the hedge fund executive tweeted,”I was ready to come to the school. Nobody is going to call my ethics into question without a fight. An apology will suffice.” It doesn’t seem as though that apology is coming anytime soon.  Tufts spokesman Patrick Collins expressed sadness over Scaramucci’s actions:

We’re disappointed that Mr. Scaramucci has taken this action. In light of recent developments, we are postponing the event until these pending legal matters are resolved.

It’s really surprising that Scaramucci was ever forced to resign from his White House position considering he acts just like Donald Trump. Both of them have fragile egos and hot tempers, they could have spent Trump’s whole term whining about the cruel, cruel world. It was the perfect union, but now “The Mooch” has nothing to do but tweet nonsense and threaten student newspapers. SAD!

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