WATCH: GOP Candidate For VA Governor Released An Incredibly Anti-Immigrant Attack Ad

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Ed Gillespie (R – of course) is running for the governor of Virginia. He is running against Ralph Northam and it’s a really close race. Gillespie has found himself just slightly behind the Democrat, so he resorted to a Republican dirty trick. He had an ad produced to boost his numbers just a bit. We have grown accustomed to attack ads, but this one is far beyond any we are used to seeing.

Gillespie took the Trump Highway straight to Anti-Immigration Land. He did not pass go. His newest ad is entitled Ralph Northam’s Policies Are Dangerous and is 30 seconds of baiting voters by playing to their unfounded fears. There are images of foreboding, tattooed men in clips identifying them as the street gang MS-13. Imposed over one image are the words “Kill, Rape, Control” which is a slogan of the gang.

A disembodied voice says,

MS-13 is a menace, yet Ralph Northam voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the street, increasing the threat of MS-13. Ralph Northam’s policies are dangerous.

Gillespie’s intent is clear: vote for him or subject yourself to crime, rape or death. The “policies” being referenced in the ad are actually just referring to Northam’s tie-breaking vote cast in his current capacity as Lieutenant Governor. He voted against a bill that would have prohibited the establishment of sanctuary cities in Virginia.

The real kicker? The men pictured were not members of MS-13 at all, but part of a rival gang called Barrio 18. The pictures were taken of the men already in prison in El Salvador – not Virginia. But hey, fear-mongering works for some – they need to justify their hatred.

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Watch this incredibly racist ad. It’s almost as if Trump wrote it himself.

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