Vandal Could Face Hate Crime Charges For Spray Painting Racial Slurs On Business (VIDEO)

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A convenience store in Greenup County, Kentucky was defaced by a vandal who spray-painted racial slurs on the front of the building in the wee hours of Thursday morning. It seems as though the only reason this particular store was targeted is that the owner’s last name is Singh and has brown skin.

Luckily, the owner, Gary Singh does have surveillance, which will assist in the capture of the person responsible who may be facing hate crime charges.

The store was spray-painted with the phrase “white power”, swastikas, and other slurs the local TV station would not air. We aren’t geniuses, but we can guess what one of those may be. The owner said that the employee who was scheduled to open the store Thursday morning called him too frightened to enter the store because she didn’t know what would be awaiting her. Can you imagine being too terrified to go to work?

A frequent customer, Barb Glockner stated,

It’s sad. It’s sad that in America in this day and age, we’re still doing this. It should not be happening. He’s a wonderful member of our community, and no one deserves this – especially not Gary.

Unfortunately, the vandal who committed this act does not know Gary. They know that a brown man with an accent owns the store. He came to America to make a better life for himself, he is doing everything right and gets targeted because he looks different than 99.9 percent of the people in the area.

We have a feeling that incidences like this are only going to worsen with Trump’s obvious hatred of immigrants.

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Watch the local footage below:

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