Vicente Fox Keeps Clapping Back At Trump On Twitter And We Approve

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The former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, is one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics. He has always been very candid about telling Trump, in nicer words, to fuck right off. He has flipped him the bird, he’s made videos, and he tweets almost as much as our Twit-in-Chief. After a two-day Trump-Twitter-meltdown over Mexico and their borders and NAFTA, Fox decided to fire back.

He tweeted some responses to Trump’s tweets on Monday. It’s sad as hell that a former president of a different country is more credible to most US citizens than their own, current president. Read his tweets below:

And Fox is correct. We DO import entirely more than we export: about twice as much. DACA supports the “American Dream,” the dream it was before men like Donald Trump came into power. To suggest that the Democrats are  to blame is moronic, at best. He illegally ended it in September. Trump – not the Democrats. Do you remember Charlottesville? It was fueled by Trump and his belief that there are “very fine” people on both sides even when some on one side were intent on murdering others.

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Luckily, rational American humans side with Fox. Here are a few of our favorite responses to Fox’s Monday tweets.

November is coming. Vote accordingly.

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  1. Fox,the former president of a country with a government so corupt and miserable that its citizens have to leave the country to make a living…in the same country you just trashed…screw you fox,maybe if you did a better job running you country there would be no illegal immigrant problem..of course YOUR government doesnt allow ANY illegal immigrants and your southern border is like a prison wall

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