Virginia GOP Goes After Jill McCabe And Twitter Claps Back

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As with many things these days, it all started with Trump and a Tweet, though this time it was not one of his.

Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, ran for a Senate seat in Virgina not so long ago and lost. Trump, being the classy guy he is,  called her a “loser” and apparently the Virginia GOP (RPV) has decided to take that as the go-ahead to say rude things about her on Twitter:

With Andrew McCabe resigning, the score now stands at @SenRichardBlack 2 – @DrJillMcCabe (still) zero

— Virginia GOP (RPV) (@VA_GOP) January 30, 2018

Many on Twitter have condemned the Tweet and its Tweeter:

Talk about petty and classless

Andrew Kaczynski of CNN Tweeted:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the GOP has attacked anyone. They have a history of attacking people when it’s convenient-like law enforcement!

Dr.Jill McCabe hasn’t responded thus far, but Twitter politicos definitely have her back.

These are some of the best (and my  favorite) responses:

So far Trump has not added his two cents either, but the popcorn is on standby!

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