WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose As Racist Professor Is Confronted During Meeting

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Recently, Florida Atlantic University professor Marshall DeRosa was outed as a Confederacy “sympathizer.” Articles he has written supporting the Confederacy were discovered by an advocacy group. Besides the articles, it was discovered that DeRosa was funded by the Koch brothers to alt-right-whitewash American slavery. He was also found to be a former member of League of the South Institute, an outright white nationalist group.

At a faculty meeting on Monday, DeRosa was called out in person. A former student, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, attended and stated,

When the articles came out, people were shocked, but they weren’t really that surprised. When I had him, he went on little rants about how the Native Americans were cannibal savages and weren’t doing anything with their land so they deserved to get colonized, sort of like this Ayn Rand thing. He also said Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona was just doing his job and was not doing anything wrong.

If you commiserate with a man like Arapaio, you really are a racist.

During the faculty meeting, students and community members showed up to demand an investigation on DeRosa’s involvement with white supremacists. One graduate student, Jonathan Jackson, spoke out of turn. He said,

I want the faculty here to know that we employ someone with ties to white supremacist groups. And if we do this, how can we say we are ethnically, racially, politically diverse? I’m not attacking you; I’m attacking the people you are involved with, and if you are involved with these people, you need to stop that.

DeRosa’s response was that he would seek out the advisers of students who encouraged them to show up to the faculty meeting. Then those who showed up to demand an investigation were basically shut down with anger from the faculty – anger that their meeting was being disrupted, not that they have a bigot working alongside them – even when another student pointed out and read from an article DeRosa had published last year.

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Watch videos of the meeting below that were publicly posted on Facebook:

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