WATCH: Anderson Cooper’s Explosive Interview With Moore’s Spokesperson Is A Thing Of Beauty

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On Wednesday night, Roy Moore Spokesperson Janet Porter appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to stump for her candidate and it was really, really bad. Cooper, our new favorite person, pulled no punches, he introduced her and then jumped right in with:

You believe these women are all lying, yet Roy Moore is the person who has been removed twice as the chief justice of the Supreme Court in Alabama. The second time he had his honesty challenged by the Alabama court of the judiciary, judges unanimously said he’d not been credible and they found his use of case-law to be ‘incomplete, misleading and manipulative.’ That’s quote. So, you don’t believe any of these women but you believe Roy Moore who has been removed from office after being found to be not credible and misleading.

She couldn’t explain herself, of course.

The interview did not get any easier from there. Cooper grilled Porter with quote after quote from Roy Moore on his positions and asked her to defend him. Porter ranted about liberals, George Soros, Mitch McConnell and “outsiders” when she is from another state herself. While she was trying to deflect Cooper mocked her and asked if she could get back to him with the answers to his questions. It was one of the most fantastic interviews I have ever seen, but I’ll let you grab some popcorn and watch it yourself.

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