WATCH: Are You More Of A Bigot Than This Eighth Grader?

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A precocious young girl – an eighth grader, to be precise – made a video spewing the sort of bigoted, racist, thoroughly right-wing invective that would give even someone god-awful like Rush Limbaugh pause for concern. The hateful rhetoric coming from someone so young is really rather shocking. It’s nothing you’ve never heard before, certainly not if you’re a follower of this website; but to hear such horrific and retrograde ideas spew so effortlessly from the lips of someone so young is particularly unsettling.

This young lady has a promising future at Fox News – she made me vomit a little of my breakfast.

Because here’s the thing: she’s good. She is a natural; which indicates she has been taught these things from a very young age. All the same, let’s not pretend for a moment that, despite her age, she’s somehow “too young” to understand what she’s saying, or how. Of course, she understands what she’s saying, enough to parrot it to considerable effect, which is what counts. She’s clearly learned her lessons well, if not the consequences. The truly disturbing part is that the production of this video was contingent upon three things:

  1. People in her life teaching her the theory and the language of white supremacy from a very young age;
  2. Convincing her that becoming a spokesperson for white supremacy before she’s even old enough to drive is in her best interests;
  3. Spending the time, energy, and money required to make it happen.

Conservatives have little compunction with conscripting the youth as foot soldiers in their battle against civilized society, even if that youth is part of their own family. Never mind the fact that when this girl comes of age and tries to, I dunno, get a job or go to college or anything where her reputation as a decent human being might be on the line, liberals with long memories like me will be able to dig through Internet archives and hang this around her neck. I suppose she’s too young to realize that the Internet remembers everything.

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The cult of white supremacy, like the Republicanism that fronts for it, cannot, will not be allowed to fail in the eyes of the flock; it can only be failed, “betrayed” by a polite society they so desperately pretend not to want unconditional acceptance from. This exercise in projection suffuses every aspect of the belief; when this video inevitably comes around to bit her in the ass, her and her own will say and do anything to maintain a plausible deniability that she didn’t really mean or understand what she said, and that kids are just kids, and what do they know? Besides, why are you liberals so sensitive, anyway? She’s only speaking the truth that you’re too much of a pussy cuck libtard SJW to hear! “Out of the mouths of babes,” amirite?

The people who are so proud to be a part of the National Hate Coalition that they will use their children as political props to advance their retrograde political agenda are not people you can reason with. Period. Especially while their thought leaders are so insulated from the consequences of their actions.

Concentrating your ire on the institutions that prop those people up is the only way prevent little girls like this – or the families that claim to love them – from trying to make that Tomi Lahren/Anne Coulter/Megyn Kelly money. As long as there’s money in the banana stand, this one won’t be the last.

White Girl DESTROYS The White Privilege Theory

Katy Perry takes the worst of it but this will piss off every liberal troglodyte on the planet.(caution, wimps: there's strong language that an 8th grader is comfortable saying here)

Posted by The American Nationalist on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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