WATCH: Chelsea Handler Invites ‘Ivanka’ To Discuss Her New Book

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Ivanka’s newest book Women Who Work: Rewriting The Rules To Success was released earlier this month. The reviews have been less than stellar. Of course, there is the speculation that it is doing so poorly because of politics – her father isn’t the most popular man in the country at the moment. However, we suspect that the book is probably the biggest piece of hypocritical horseshit to hit the stands in a good, long while. We don’t plan on reading it any time soon, even for research’s sake.

Chelsea Handler, being Chelsea Handler, decided to interview “Ivanka” about her latest release. The meeting was nothing short of hysterical – our favorite question being, “How do you sleep at night?” We know she just gave Trump supporters more fuel for their deep-seated hate of her, and that is, in part, what makes this so wonderful. Enjoy!

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