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WATCH: Crazy Racist In Denny’s Hurls Slurs At Black Teens

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A group of four teens were verbally assaulted last Sunday night by a woman who screamed racial slurs at them and threatened their lives. Jordan Jones and his friends were eating at a St. George, UT. Denny’s on November 26 when they noticed a woman who had been sitting a few tables away glare at them as she was leaving. The group was then approached by restaurant management asking if there was a problem because the woman said she felt that they were “bothered” by her. The woman returned shortly thereafter and began yelling at the group, calling them “n***ers” and claiming that they were laughing at her. Stated Jones:

We don’t know what provoked her or why she thought we were laughing at her. We never spoke to her or even looked at her directly.

Video footage of the event shows the angry woman screaming and pointing her finger at the teens while a restaurant employee stands next to her, smirking and saying nothing. When the teens ask the woman to stop yelling at them and leave them alone, she becomes outraged and gets in one of their faces, yelling:

This is America, I can say whatever the f*ck I want!

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Jones and his friends were especially troubled that Denny’s management and staff stood by and did nothing to help them while this woman was behaving in such a threatening manner. Jones said:

I’ve never experienced that in my life. I’ve never experienced something like that in public, and for no one to even step in. They could have done number of things. The employee said the manager thought it was funny.  It makes me feel like I can’t go into a restaurant and eat and feel OK without being assaulted because someone doesn’t like my race or that their race is superior to mine. What next? She already threatened my life.

As Jones points out, he is certain that if he as a Black male had confronted this woman in the same way at her table, the police would have been called and he would probably be sitting in jail right now.

Hash browns with a side of white privilege, anyone?

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