WATCH: DC Cops Busted For Making Fun Of ‘Gay’ Robbery Victim

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On August 8, Clarence Williams’ home in Washington, DC was burglarized for the second time in less than a month. He was out of the country at the time, but luckily, his security system alerted the authorities as well as caught the burglar on camera.

Even more surprising than the burglary was what the security camera picked up when the cops investigated. The police were actually called to the scene twice. When they received the initial call from Williams’ security company, they knocked on the front door and left when they did not receive an answer. They never bothered to walk around to the back of the home where the burglar actually entered. The cops were called back to the scene about eight hours later when the neighbors reported the robbery.

On the second visit, they discovered that the robber had broken in by throwing a rock through the back door. After taking assessment of the torn-up townhouse one cop can be heard laughing and saying,

Armani, Dolce and Gabbana — he’s probably gay.

A short time later, the other officer is seen dancing.

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Williams was appalled by how this was treated by the officers.

We’ve got police out here, dancing in my home and acting as if this is a joke and this is serious. This is my life.

Exactly. There is now an internal investigation of the two officers. The department says their actions are not representative of the entire force.

It’s fucking frightening to think that the police treat crimes in this manner. The sexual orientation of victims does not give them leniency to mock someone else’s tragedy. Apparently, these officers believe differently and we hope there are repercussions to their insensitivity and downright dickishness.

Watch these assholes mock the victim because they believed him to be gay:

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