WATCH: Filipina Model Attacked By Racist Who Hit Her Car At Grocery Store

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The United States has become a very scary place for anyone who doesn’t happen to be a straight, white, Christian male. Hate crimes have been on the rise since Donald Trump won by running a bigoted campaign and then filled his administration with open white supremacists. For people of color, even the most mundane of activities can be downright dangerous in Trump’s America. One Asian woman recently found this out when she was attacked by a racist woman who hit her car with a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot.

Quiggle Ignacio, who was the victim in this shocking incident of hate and violence, detailed the harrowing encounter on her Facebook page:

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I was sitting quietly in my car around 2:20pm eating my meal and hurrying up excited to meet my friend. Then a lady pushing a grocery cart that has her baby in it hit my car so I looked at her and I dint want to go down because i thought I just wanted to finish my meal and i had it in my hands. I dint even get down to check damage I was just seeing if she would say anything I need to hear but she passed my car and started yelling ‘what are you looking at bitch? Fuck you chinky asian!’

With a shock I went out the car and asked her ‘why are you yelling when you are the one who hit my car? I was eating quietly.’ She screamed at my face and pointing finger at my face ‘you fucking staring at me you bitch etc etc’ while yelling the husband came ‘dont talk to her like that! Fuck you chinky asian! Go back to your country bitch!’ Then she kept saying ‘fuck you! Go back to china!’ They kept pressing that I yelled at them but the husband wasn’t even there yet to see that his wife yelled and yelled i dint even say a word in my car. I took my phone to record the damage and to get their plate number but the woman hid the plate with the cart and they were both around me that was really scary. For a woman bigger than I am and a man yelling at me triple my size was traumatic specially when she started hitting me. I had to defend myself but the emotional and psychological damage is harder to heal.

Ignacio included pictures of the wounds she suffered from the racist woman’s vicious and unprovoked attack as well as video, which you can watch for yourself below. Welcome to Trump’s America everybody. I just have one question. Are we great again yet?

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