WATCH: Fox News Host Loses Her Sh*t, Blames GOP For Stars Being Mean To Trump

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Jeanine Pirro proved, once again, that she is totally nuts on Saturday night. The Fox News host went on a rant about how Hollywood and Democrats are being super mean to Donald Trump and the first family without any repercussions. The former judge seems to think that the federal government should go full-Russia and start going after dissenters.

The began the opening statement of her show saying:

They decide to trash, belittle and shame the president and his family, including the first lady. Making fun of their accent, their intellectual capability, you name it. And they decide to ignore congressional subpoena for Department of Justice documents on the FISA abuse scandal and Hillary Clinton investigation. So who are ‘they’? And who do we blame for the repeated trashing of the first lady? Why is it open season on the first family? Who do we blame for the refusal to honor congressional subpoenas?

She knows exactly what group is to blame: “That group is the Republican Party.”

According to Pirro, Hollywood liberals “attack” Donald Trump because “they can,” there are “no consequences.” She went on to accuse Hillary Clinton of racketeering, with no evidence and said Democrats are still running the country. Blah, blah, blah, poor Donny.

All of this, she believes, is because the Republican Party has not “wielded power.” And then she, with a little spittle escaping her mouth, demanded the GOP use the top law enforcement agency in the country to investigate and jail Democrats.

Yep, that’s where conservative commentators are at these days. It’s not enough that their party controls every branch of government. They are still just as angry as they were when President Obama was in the Oval Office. Between Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, you’d think Hillary Clinton had won the election.

They are completely batshit and Fox continues to air their garbage because they love them some right-wing lunatics.

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