WATCH: Georgia’s Governor Hopeful Threatens Delta… And His Candidacy

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Casey Cagle, Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor, proved today that he actually resides in the pocket of the NRA. He threatened Delta Airlines over their break with the gun rights organization. He tweeted that he would kill any legislation benefiting the airline unless they renewed their relationship.

I think that’s called extortion. Actually, it’s total extortion. I’m also fairly certain that is illegal.

Speaking with reporters, Cagle doubled-down on his stance. In part, he stated,

I’m tired of conservatives being kicked around on our values. It’s time we stand up and fight and show corporations that conservative values are important. And not to just Georgia, but the entire nation.

What values would those be, exactly? Standing up to corporations who may choose to drop travel discounts to gun-toting conservatives? Or do they include threatening corporations with cutting tax breaks because you stand to lose some election money? The NRA likes dropping cash on candidates who support them.

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Oh yeah, Cagle is running for Georgia’s Governor this year – he needs contributions. However, Delta happens to be one of the state’s largest employers. Threatening that giant stands to hurt the very people he wants to serve.

According to The Daily Banter,

Delta is one of Georgia’s largest employers and picking a fight with them is not something a rational person looking to continue a career in Georgia politics would do. But fear makes people do funny things and the Republican Party has so closely identified itself with the NRA and vice versa that both are now in a suicide pact.

Delta is aware of this. We expect an apology from Cagle any day now – unless Delta, too, bows to the NRA’s pressure.

Watch Cagle speak to reporters below:

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