WATCH: GOP Congressman Calls Domestic Violence ‘Soap Opera News’

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Every year, 4,774,000 women experience domestic violence in America. Between 2001 and 2012, 11,766 women were murdered by an intimate partner. Over 38 million women will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. Every minute, twenty people are the victims of violence from an intimate partner in America and Republicans just can’t stop defending the perpetrators.

On Monday morning, Congressman Mo Brooks appeared on CNN’s New Day and tried to defend alleged wife beater and former White House official Rob Porter. Host Chris Cuomo asked the congressman about the allegations against Porter and Brooks immediately insinuated that the victims were liars:

All too often there’s a rush to judgment. I’m a graduate of Duke University. I remember very well that Duke lacrosse team.

Cuomo was having none of that nonsense and told Brooks that the Porter allegations are absolutely nothing like the allegations against the Duke players and that’s when the congressman got extra insulting:

To me, this is kind of soap opera news….When you talk about personal matters or what’s going on behind closed doors in a marital relationship, that I know nothing about, I’m just not comfortable commenting on that.

Yep, he actually called domestic violence “soap opera news” because that is where the Republican Party is at these days. In Republicans’ world, it is unimportant if women are murdered and beaten. It’s totally cool if one of their guys gave his wife a black eye. It’s no big deal if he ripped another wife out of the shower and punched the glass in on her front door in a rage. It’s no big deal if he was unable to get a security clearance because he liked to hit women and the FBI did not trust him.

This is the party that elected someone who literally admitted to sexually assaulting women. A party that defended an alleged child molester and a party that has never cared about the well-being of women. It shouldn’t surprise us that Brooks would admit he isn’t concerned with domestic violence, he is as trashy as the rest of his party.


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