WATCH: GOP Strategist Destroys Evangelical Bullsh*t On Bill Maher

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Republican strategist Rick Wilson took a line from the film Jerry Maguire last night to describe the hypocrisy of Evangelicals in giving a “Mulligan” to Trump about his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. There is nothing more entertaining than the true conservatives bashing the leader and religious base of their own party, and Wilson did not disappoint during the “Overtime” segment of Real Time with Bill Maher.

When asked the question, “Why do religious fundamentalists give Trump a pass on behavior that they otherwise condemn?” Wilson responded straight-faced and said,”The Book of Poontang.” He continued with:

Thou shalt allow ‘The Donald’ to fu*k porn stars and let him get away with it. Imagine a giant Mount Everest sized pile of hypocritical bullshit, and that is where they are, on the peak on that mount.

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While his religious-based irony would be lost on many members of the modern Republican party, his words ring truer than ever. Religious hypocrisy is a cancer on our society. During the Alabama Senate race, the religious right actually defended Roy Moore‘s alleged pedophilia with scripture. They continue to bash and demean the LGBT community, and they continuously refuse to see that Donald Trump is anything but a religious man, yet continue to preach how he was sent by God to lead us.

While Evangelicals choose to forgive the sins of their Mango messiah, we cannot ignore the facts in this case. Donald Trump allegedly paid a young woman to keep hush about an affair that happened just four months after Melania gave birth to Barron. There are rumors that the money came from campaign funds as well, which would violate campaign finance laws.

Unfortunately for us, Trump is the ultimate “Golden Calf” to his Evangelical group of followers. If they only realized that they are bastardizing the very bible they justify everything with, perhaps then they would end their crusade for Trump. Until then he is just another “Teflon Don” getting away with crime after crime. There was a man I read about who put the original “Teflon Don” in prison, think his name was Robert Mueller.


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