WATCH: Jake Tapper SHREDS Trump For Attacking The FBI

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper took Donald Trump down hard for viciously attacking the FBI.

On Sunday, Trump took aim at the FBI in an effort to taint the current investigation against him and his team by claiming that the bureau’s “reputation is in tatters” because of James Comey.

Comey soon fired back by defending the integrity of the agency he once headed up.

On Thursday, Tapper chimed in by pointing out that Trump once praised Comey for investigating Hillary Clinton, and seems to only attack people and institutions that challenge him.

“For months, President Trump and allies on the Hill and in the pro-Trump media have sought to undermine any institution that pose any challenge to him,” Tapper began. “We’ve seen the attacks on legislative oversight, intelligence agencies, the judiciary, journalists.”

“Currently, this phenomenon is carrying out with vicious attacks on the integrity of federal law enforcement officials,” Tapper explained. “The president’s views on FBI investigations are not difficult to predict—when they’re of his opponents, he applauds them, as he did in the days right before election day 2016.”

Tapper then played video of Trump cheering Comey on.

“Soon enough, Comey was investigating the matters the president did not like, and he was fired,” Tapper noted. “The current FBI investigation and special council Robert Mueller are now under vicious, some might even say ludicrous attacks.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Indeed, Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation against Michael Flynn. Comey refused and Trump fired him for it. As we all know, Flynn recently made a plea deal in exchange for testimony against Trump. That never would have happened if Comey had dropped the investigation as Trump demanded. And Trump knew Flynn was guilty of lying to the FBI at the time he tried to kill the investigation. That makes him guilty of obstruction of justice.

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Jake Tapper also mentioned that the House Judiciary Committee asked FBI Director Christopher Wray, whom Trump appointed after firing Comey, whether he agreed with Comey’s Twitter post.

“Well, I believe that description of the FBI aligns with my own description,” Wray said in a clear rejection of Trump’s attack. “My experience working with James Comey…was that he was a smart lawyer, a dedicated public servant, and somebody that I enjoyed working with.”

Wray also rejected Trump’s attempt to smear the reputation of Robert Mueller, calling him “well-respected within the FBI.”

Trump has a lot of people to be pissed off at today. The temper tantrum is going to be massive.

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