WATCH: Jeanine Pirro Goes Off The Rails About Mueller On Hannity

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Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro really, really hates the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump and she is convinced that the entire process is rigged. A few days ago she went nuts and claimed the FBI and Department of Justice need to be “cleansed” and the employees shouldn’t just be fired but should be “taken away in cuffs.” On Monday night, Pirro was still riding her wave of Mueller/FBI/DOJ hate when she filled in for Sean Hannity on his show. During a roundtable discussion with ex-Clinton advisor Doug Schoen, former congressman Jason Chaffetz and Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett, Pirro went off the rails again.

The former television judge asked Chaffetz, “Don’t you think the president now has some leverage against Mueller cause he can bring them up on ethical charges?” Chaffetz started rambling on about the “deep state” and how bad Attorney Jeff Sessions is because he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Bad Jeff Sessions for following the law! BAD! Pirro responded with some tin foil hat nonsense:

But you know the sad part of it Jason is you’ve got Andrew McCabe, who should have been fired the day Christopher Wray came in and that Christopher Wray hasn’t done it makes me concerned about the new head of the FBI, Christopher Wray. And you’ve got Rosenstein with all of his conflicts, he’s supervising Mueller who’s best friends with Comey and I could go on and on. This is awful.

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Apparently not only is Mueller out to get Trump but now his own FBI director is out to get him too. Man, he’s just getting hit from all sides, huh?

Jarrett and Schoen chimed in and both agreed that Jeff Sessions is the big bad wolf who has no business running the DOJ because of his recusal. Then Schoen said he’d like to get someone nonpartisan to run the DOJ which is kind of silly since we all know Trump would never, ever allow that to happen. That’s when Pirro got extra stupid:

 I agree with you, this is not supposed to be this way. Politics in the FBI, the Department of Justice, what 64 percent of Americans think that the FBI is withholding documents because they are. Why?

People are about to revolt because they don’t have the right to run Washington this way.

“They” don’t have the right to run Washington this way? Who is “they”? Last I checked, Republicans have control of the White House and Congress; the GOP are the ones who are running Washington. In fact, Trump appointed both the attorney general and director of the FBI, so those two institutions are also under his control. I understand that Pirro was a television judge for a long time and busy settling cases that were of the utmost importance and then she went to Fox News, not exactly a utopia of knowledge, but didn’t she bother to research how the government works before taking her current tv gig even a little? I don’t think she did because otherwise why would she embarrass herself constantly?


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