WATCH: Jeff Sessions Says Student Protesters Are Like The KKK

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Jeff Sessions is a racist. This isn’t hyperbole either, he has a long, long history of racist remarks just like his buddy Donald Trump. It is the reason he felt so comfortable endorsing the real estate loudmouth before most other Republicans. It is the reason he was denied a judgeship years ago and it is the reason the majority of America thinks he’s a piece of garbage. So, being that he is a racist it is completely unsurprising that he compared anti-racism protesters to the KKK in a speech at Georgetown University Law Center this week:

Protesters are not routinely shutting down speeches and debates across the country in an effort to silence that insufficiently conform to their views. A frightening example occurred at Middlebury College, student protesters violently shut down a debate between an invited speaker and one of the school’s own professors. As soon as the event began the protesters shouted for twenty minutes preventing the debate from occurring. When the debaters then attempted to move to a private broadcasting location, the protesters, many wearing masks a common tactic used by the detestable Ku Klux Klan, pulled fire alarms, surrounded the speakers and began physically assaulting them.

Sessions is correct, that protest did end with a racist speaker being physically assaulted, but just because they wore masks doesn’t make them anything like the KKK. The white supremacist group did not just push black people and pull their hair, which is what happened at Middlebury, they lynched, beat and raped African-Americans just because they existed on the same planet as them. The attorney general’s comparison sounds a lot like Trump’s “bad people on both sides” remarks after Charlottesville. Ironically, while Sessions was ranting about how important it is that America protects the First Amendment rights of people who want to speak on campuses, even when their ideas are terrible, his boss was trying to stomp all over NFL players’ same rights.

Sessions spoke for about thirty minutes, but he really could have boiled his whole speech down to this: The Trump Administration believes that conservatives always have a right to speak, no matter the harm they are causing, but liberals and black people need to shut the fuck up.


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