WATCH: John McCain Killing The ACA Repeal To A WWE Soundtrack Is Everything

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Early this morning, Senator John McCain of Arizona stalked into the Senate Chamber, walked right up a smiling Mitch McConnell, dropped an atomic “thumbs down” and killed McConnell’s latest disastrous attempt to repeal Obamacare on the spot. Then he looked at McConnell’s now frowning face, turned his back and walked away in slow motion (OK, he’s 80 years old, he always walks that way but it was still cool).

It was pretty brutal. So of course the internet added an audio clip from WWE and made it one thousand times better.

“Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Watching McConnell wander of in frustration is the greatest  thing you’ll see today and the commentary just makes it so much more delicious. And look for Chuck Schumer sitting in the back wave to the rest of the Democratic caucus that it’s over.

While McCain is getting all the glory today, it’s important to remember that Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have been opposed to this Republican nightmare pretty much the entire time. McCain was a Johnny-come-lately to the rebellion. Still, this video is everything.

The internet is great.

The internet is glorious.

All hail the internet.

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