WATCH: Joy Reid Slams Mother Who Says She Doesn’t Care If Roy Moore Molested Kids

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Roy Moore is going to be the next Alabama senator and a guest on AM Joy this weekend demonstrated why. Amy Kremer, a political activist who was heavily involved in the Tea Party movement and ran a Trump super PAC in 2016, appeared on Joy Reid’s show on Saturday to defend Roy Moore. During the course of the interview, Reid asked Kremer if she would continue to support Moore even if proof emerged that he preyed on children in shopping malls and their schools; Kremer’s response was disgusting:

Joy, we have stood beside him and if he is elected, that is what the voters will choose.…If he is elected, there should not be any ethics investigations. The reason is because these people are going to the polls knowing all the information that’s been put in front of them. They have the wherewithal to make the decision. Should there become an ethics investigation and Mitch McConnell and his cronies tried to expel him from the United States Senate, that’s a very dangerous line.

So, not only would she continue to stand by him if he is proved to be a child molester, but she doesn’t even believe an ethics investigation should be launched. Reid was absolutely appalled and responded incredulously:

Interesting and we are talking about if he is found guilty of child molestation.

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Reid went on to talk about Roy Moore’s fight to keep segregation in the Alabama Constitution and asked Kremer if she supported that. The Tea Party darling told Reid she had no idea what that means and she doesn’t support everything any candidate does. That’s cool, but supporting a segregationist is a pretty big fucking deal–kind of like supporting an alleged child molester. Reid ended the segment a short time later saying:

Child molestation is an issue. I hate to say it but you know the protection of our children, I have kids, child molestation is kind of an issue.

Kremer broke in and said she has a daughter and Reid was over her at that point:

Wow. Well, you have to own it. Then it doesn’t bother you that this man might have molested children.

No, no it does not because the current Republican Party doesn’t care about our children they only care about pushing bad bills down our throats in order to benefit their corporate donors.


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