WATCH: Kentucky Governor Calls Anti-Gay Kim Davis An ‘Inspiration’ To Children

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Everyone remembers Kim Davis. She was the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to give marriage licenses to gay couples in 2015. She cited religion as her primary objection, but still served five days in jail for breaking the law. She has penned a memoir entitled Under God’s Authority: The Kim Davis Story. On Monday, a really bizarre video was released in conjunction with the dribble she’s trying to sell for $25.

The video praises Davis’ illegal actions and tries to color her the hero. It raves about the LGBT “agenda.” Kentucky’s governor, Matt Bevins, calls Kim Davis “an inspiration to children of America.” Whose children? My children? My kids are too smart to be inspired by bigotry, but anyway. Bevins states in the video,

I think Kim Davis is, without question, an inspiration, not only to leaders like myself … but to my children, to the children of America. People, even if they disagree with her, have got to respect the fact that here is a woman who was willing to put it all on the line out of conviction for what she believed and knew to be her right as an American citizen… If that’s not admirable ― if that’s not something that we would want all Americans to emulate, I don’t know what is.

Admirable? There is nothing admirable about Kim Davis. She is a bigot and uses her religion to justify her feelings. The fact is, she is a hypocrite who has been married four times and has no damn business telling anyone else who they should or should not marry. It occurs to me that if your faith interferes with your job description, it’s time to find a new job.

Portraying Kim Davis as a religious martyr is just nauseating. The only admirable people in the whole mess were the ones who persisted and got their hard-earned marriage licenses.

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Watch the video below. You can see Bevin around the 4:10 mark.
Warning: it is far right quackery.

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