WATCH: Lou Dobbs Wants President Obama Arrested For Insulting Donald Trump

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Conservative television host, Lou Dobbs, was infuriated Friday evening after our former president, Barack Obama made some negative remarks about Donald Trump in India. Obama didn’t actually mention the name Donald Trump, but we all know to whom he was referring. Among topics like climate change and religious intolerance, social media was also touched upon.

Obama said,

Don’t say the first thing that pops in your head. Have a little bit of an edit function. Think before you speak, think before you tweet.

He then went on to talk about how many followers he has on Twitter, saying that he has “more than other people who use it more often.” While this got quite a few laughs with his audience, not everyone was thrilled about his remarks.

Dobbs was not having it. He thought that Obama stepped over the line. He whined,

I think U.S. Marshals should follow him, and any time he wants to go follow the President like he is, and behave… I mean, this is just bad manners. It’s boorish, it’s absurd, he doesn’t realize how foolish he looks. I mean, he should be brought back by the Marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?

He thinks Obama should be detained by marshals because he dared criticize Trump – about something we all know is a huge problem. Funny how that truth is unacceptable yet he gives Trump a pass for all his “boorish” behavior and outright lies – once again proving that men like Dobbs are ginormous hypocrites.

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