WATCH: Miami News Producer Shouts Racial Slurs At Her Neighbor

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If you have ever been to Miami, you know how diverse it is. While the rest of Florida may a clusterfuck of white rich Republicans and rednecks (I live in Central Florida, I know what it is like), Miami is like an entirely different planet. The Southern tip of the state is vibrant, inclusive and full of life, but apparently Miami TV news producer Robin Cross forgot this when she began screaming at her neighbor recently. Instead of solving a dispute about street parking like an adult, Cross defaulted to the ugly racism that is so prevalent in the rest of the state.

According to the Miami Herald, Cross was pissed because her neighbor, Robert Fenton, said she’d parked in the road and blocked his driveway. She began screaming at Fenton:

You don’t fucking own the road! Yes, I used the word ‘fucking’ if you haven’t heard it before. Except for your fucking son who’s dating a fucking nigger. Hmm, I said it out loud. Finally.

When Cross was confronted by her employers at WSVN-7 she said it was no biggie, she’d just “lost her cool.” Her employer then suspended her pending an investigation into the incident. I’m not really sure what exactly they need to investigate, she is on video screaming the N-word proudly. Maybe she will be able to find a fun new job in a more backward part of the state. Or, oh! Maybe she can take her racism to Washington D.C. and find a job with Donald Trump’s Administration.

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