WATCH: Miami Police Officer Kicks Cuffed Suspect In The Head

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A video that isn’t quite a minute long got one Miami police officer suspended with pay on Thursday. Lisa Herrell posted a video to her Facebook newsfeed of 31-year-old David Suazo lying on the ground, getting handcuffed. He does not appear to be resisting the arrest at all. However, as witnessed all too often, compliance did not prevent him from being victimized by the police.

Herrell’s dog was barking on Thursday, and she went outside to check on whatever had attracted his attention. She saw the suspect running around between the officers, and finally peacefully surrendered when threatened with a taser. According to police, they chased Suazo in a stolen Jeep that he eventually crashed into his apartment complex.

Yeah, Suazo is a criminal. There is no doubt about it: he stole a Jeep. He also shouldn’t have endangered lives by leading the police on a chase over a stolen vehicle. That is enough to make anyone angry. However, when you are so angry that you kick a handcuffed man in the head, perhaps you shouldn’t be in the position to “protect.”

Officer Mario Figueroa has been put on leave as the video “depicts a clear violation of policy.” Figueroa has been with the Miami Police Department for two years. This is exactly the kind of thing Trump suggested when he told law enforcement last year to “rough them up.” It is disgusting that our president encourages this sort of thing. It’s one more reason why people of color are terrified of the police.

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Watch the video posted by Herrell below:

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