WATCH: Michigan School Shuts Down As Racist Protest Continues To Escalate

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Bay City Western High School in rural Auburn, Michigan has been surrounded all week by students in pickups waving Confederate, pro-Trump, and Punisher skull flags. What began as a six pickup “demonstration” has now turned into dozens of demonstrators. The demonstration began after a few people protested one student ripping up another student’s confederate flag on school property. The school was closed Thursday after administrators received several messages that people would be confronting the students responsible for the demonstration.

School officials and students alike have said that not all of the demonstrators are actually attending Western High School, that some have turned out to show their support. One of the demonstrators said that this ugly display was just about being “country boys,” and it had nothing to do with racism. If that’s the case, why do they have to protest being “country?” I smell a big steaming pile located in the beds of every single one of those trucks.

Maybe they don’t understand what the confederacy actually means since Michigan wasn’t a Confederate state.

Some black students attending the high school said that they have been getting threats on social media. In any rural county where the population is mostly white, non-white students are looked upon as threats by some. Threats to what, we aren’t certain, but boys with chips on their shoulders fly big flags to compensate for said chips.

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A parent of a BCWHS student said,

Kids hurt themselves over this, kids kill themselves over this. If we send you a video of a student calling somebody an effing N-word, something should be done about that.

Even though it appears as though nothing is being done about the situation by school officials, the school has said that they are looking into all reports of threats over social media. However, because of guidelines, the school isn’t at liberty to discuss possible punishment.

Some social media comments about the story say everything we need to know. We picked the best one to illustrate what the true intent of this demonstration is about:

When you compare a movement about innocent people being murdered by the police of this country to a demonstration about a confederate flag being ripped up, you might be a racist.

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Watch a Facebook video by a local station below:

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