WATCH: This Obama Video Will Make Trumpers Stop Cold This Holiday Season

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In a Thursday evening tweet, Donald Trump dredged up his tired line about how he was bringing “Merry Christmas” back to the White House. After lighting up the Christmas tree at the White House in front of a pretty significant amount of empty seats, Trump said:

Yes, we have heard him say many times that he was going to lift the gag order and allow America to suddenly start saying “Merry Christmas” because you know, that evil Kenyan Hawaiian Barack Obama outlawed the phrase. Except….that’s not true at all. I know, it’s super shocking that Trump made up a thing about his predecessor, but here we are. Sure, President Obama said “Happy Holidays” frequently (’cause he believed he represented ALL Americans) but he never told America to stop saying “Merry Christmas.” In fact, President Obama frequently used Trump’s favorite phrase, take a look:

Well, this is awkward! Make sure you send this to all of your Trumper family members and watch their heads explode.

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