Watch: This Is Officially The Single Dumbest Attack On Hillary Clinton Of All Time

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I can only assume that Trump’s utter destruction during Monday night’s debate has rattled Republicans. It’s the only thing that explain the sheer stupidity of what Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH.MY.GOD.) said on Wednesday while he was whining that Hillary Clinton…broke her college honor code!

The set up: Chabot is very disappointed in FBI Director James Comey, and while grilling him over the who-gives-a-crap-anymore email “scandal”, Chabot brings up that they both went to the College of William & Mary which has an honor code: “As a member of the William and Mary community, I pledge on my honor not to lie cheat or steal either in my academic or in my personal life.”

Then Chabot, with a smug “look at how clever I am” look on his face, mentions that Hillary went to Wellesley College and that they have an honer code of their own:

Here’s what it says, “As a Wellesley College student, I will act with honesty, integrity, and respect. In making this commitment, I am accountable to the community and dedicate myself to a life of honor.” Let me repeat part of that again, “I will act with honesty.”

Get it? Because she’s not honest! She broke her honor code! How can she be president if she’s not honest?

Chabot goes on for a bit and beats a dead horse a little more to no avail.

But aside from the fact that Hillary is demonstrably far more honest than most other politicians, there’s the hypocrisy of Mr. Honor Code openly supporting Donald Trump:

“With so much at stake, I think we need a President who believes in smaller government, a stronger military and greater personal liberty and responsibility,” Chabot said in an emailed statement. “In my opinion, Donald Trump’s approach to these important issues is far superior to Hillary Clinton’s.  And therefore, I think he is the better choice for our next President.”

Since Trump’s sociopathic lying is indisputable, one is forced to wonder why “dishonesty” is only a deal breaker for a Clinton presidency? I’d say that Chabot should pay more heed to his own honor code but Republicans have their honor surgical removed when they’re sworn into office.

Here’s the 3 minutes of gibberish on C-SPAN:

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