WATCH: OK Teachers Follow Governor Up The Stairs, Mocking Her All The Way

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Earlier this week, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) compared striking teachers who want fair pay to teenagers. The governor said,“Teachers want more, but it’s kind of like a teenager wanting a better car.” Fallin’s words did not sit well with the teachers, who are some of the worst paid in the country and yesterday they let her know.

More than 36,000 educators stormed the Capitol this week and dozens of them mocked Fallin on Wednesday as she walked past them. The teachers followed Fallin up the stairs, jingling their car keys and chanting,”Where’s my car?!”

Dawn Brockman, one of those on strike, said:

Oh my gawd. We followed @govmaryfallin up the stairs so we shared it with the crowd and they took out their keys,  I’m crying.

The strike has moved into its fourth consecutive day on Thursday. It started on Monday after Fallin refused to properly fund the schools. Instead, she signed a bill that added just $50 million to school funding, teachers were asking for $200 million.

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The governor also gave the teachers a $6,100 raise, but the state’s largest teacher’s union, Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), said it was not enough.

While this is major progress, this investment alone will not undo a decade of neglect,” OEA President Alicia Priest said. “Lawmakers have left funding on the table that could be used immediately to help Oklahoma students.”

This package doesn’t overcome a shortfall caused by four-day weeks, overcrowded classrooms that deprive kids of the one-on-one attention they need. It’s not enough. We must continue to push for more annual funding for our schools to reduce class size and restore more of the 28 percent of funds they cut from education over the last decade.

I suspect we are going to see more and more of these strikes. After years of being screwed by Republican lawmakers, teachers are fighting back and it is glorious.


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