WATCH: Old Video Proves Paul Ryan Has Been A Douche For 20 Years

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Paul Ryan is a little weasel. He is a pro-rich Republican who has absolutely no empathy when it comes to the people he is supposed to be serving. His stance on “entitlements” to those in need is beyond disgusting. He most definitely puts business before people. Today, he posted a video on Twitter showing a collage of video clips of being a douche, some going back two decades.

Ryan is one of those men would love to see Medicare and Medicaid come to an end. Apparently, the old, sick, and poor do not deserve any type of support. If you aren’t rich, Paul Ryan doesn’t think much of you. He has made it clear that he really doesn’t want to support the downtrodden in any way.

Thanks to the Trump administration’s new tax plan, he now has a permanent, sticking-it-to-poor boner that Viagra would be proud to call their own. He has already said that he wants to cut funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare. This is the political equivalent of flipping off Grandma.

If there is anything positive to glean from this whole debacle it is that their supporters will finally realize what Ryan and gang are all about. Or… maybe not. Once it affects them, once they find themselves in another recession, they could quite possibly just continue to behave the way they always have and blame the Democrats.

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Ryan’s tweet is below. Take a moment to marvel at the douchebaggery:

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