WATCH: Public’s Reaction To Woman Breastfeeding Will Make Your Blood Boil

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It’s really strange that in 2017, a woman breastfeeding her child in public can still elicit outrage, but it does and a video of a woman feeding her kid demonstrates that. Joey Salads is an internet star who has made a name for himself doing social experiments (which is weird because he is a giant hypocrite, but I’ll get to that later) and one of his recent experiments involved a breastfeeding mother. Now, I have no idea whether or not the baby in this video is real, but the reactions definitely are.

The woman in the video sites down on various public benches and puts her child to her breast. There a couple of people who don’t react at all, because, you know, it’s normal but then there are the assholes who freak out. One woman, for instance, looked over in disgust and said:

You know, there’s private places you can actually do this, you don’t need to be doing that in public places.

After a bit of back and forth, the woman gets up and walks away, clearly offended by the completely natural act of feeding a child.

HOW WOULD YOU REACT? 🤔🤔With Joey Salads

Posted by Viral TRND on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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When you watch the video it becomes clear that even in our oversexualized society, Americans are still really prudish. Ironically, in my experience, it’s usually the right-wing who take issue with a female breastfeeding her child. They believe that women should all be really modest and keep their lady bits covered at all times–but electing sexual predators is totally cool. So it is interesting that Joey Salads decided to do this experiment since he is a flaming, unapologetic liberal hating conservative. His Twitter feed is full of shit like this:

The reactions the breastfeeding woman got from the public made my blood boil, but so does his political views. His Twitter feed is full of anti-liberal rants, but then he does social experiments to make it seem as though he has respect for women and minorities. What a fucking hypocrite.

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