WATCH: Republicans Say A Trump Rally Is The Last Thing Their Candidate Needs

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump held one of his rallies in Western Pennsylvania to support Republican special congressional candidate, Rick Saccone. I’m sure it was partly to boost his inflated ego, as well. Trump does love a good rally. The race between Saccone and Democrat opponent, Conor Lamb, is a close one – even in a deep red Trump area. The RNC is doing all they can to ensure that area stays red.

They even had their goons out canvassing the area – knocking on doors like a bunch of shameless Jehovah Witnesses.

However, not all Pennsylvanian Republicans are falling for the banners, balloons, and bullshit. On Monday morning, CNN talked to some of the Republicans from that area in Pennsylvania. They were candid about their feelings on Trump’s infamous rallies.

Carol Thomas, who says she is backing  Saccone in Tuesday’s special congressional election, said she believes the president’s weekend rally would actually make it more difficult for Republicans to hold the seat. She said she actually less inclined to vote for the man after Trump’s rally. She went on to say, “If I were Saccone, I’d tell Trump to stay away because he puts his foot in his mouth.”

That is the understatement of the year.

Thomas’ daughter said that she is tempted to vote for Lamb after witnessing Trump’s attitude at the rally. These women really say it all. Trump is his own worst enemy, even in Republican country.

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Watch the interview below:

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