WATCH: Roger Stone Posts Bizarre Video Slamming His Former Buddy Sam Nunberg

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On Thursday night, former Donald Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg stopped by Ari Melber’s show to have a little chat about his former mentor, Roger Stone, and the Trump-Russia scandal. Now, Stone is hitting back at Nunberg and threatening any news organization that puts him on air.

During his interview, Nunberg told the MSNBC host that Stone exaggerated his ties with Wikileaks in order to “ingratiate himself with Donald Trump”:

He’s always trying to ingratiate himself to Trump. I don’t care about Trump. It’s irrelevant to me if I have a relationship with him again. Roger does. They have a long relationship.

In response to the interview, Stone posted a video of himself smoking a cigar with grandson, and threatened journalists who allow Nunberg to speak:

Sam Nunberg is a cocaine addict and any news organization that takes anything he says seriously is courting a serious lawsuit.

Stone then took a long pull on his cigar and said,”coke head.” It was totally bizarre. Like a video you’d expect a mobster to post, which actually, is exactly what you would expect from the guy who is known as a henchman for the Republican Party. But, it’s important to note, that Nunberg’s description of Stone exaggerating his influence with Wikileaks is also exactly what he does. Slate’s Jacob Weisberg had a long history with Stone and described him as a con-man who lies to get ahead (just like his buddy Trump).

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In 2016, Weisberg republished an article about Stone that he’d written in 1985 and said:

It became clear to me when I was reporting the story that Stone was less power player than con artist. He cultivated a reputation for being a bad boy, playing dirty tricks and crossing ethical lines. In practice, so far as I could tell, he was mostly shaking down his clients, who paid him a lot of money based on the largely false impression that he had real influence. He was a bluffer, implying he advised people he didn’t, and a leaker, ratting out his allies in pursuit of his own agenda.

Sam Nunberg may very well have issues, but that doesn’t make his description of Roger Stone any less true. Anyone who has followed politics for a period of time knows that there is not a bigger liar in the Republican stratosphere, except maybe the current president. And Stone can threaten new organizations all he wants, but journalists do not stop doing their jobs because a liar like Roger is mad at them. In fact, it just makes them fight harder for the truth.


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