Watch Roy Moore’s Lawyer Go All Racist On MSNBC Host (VIDEO)

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Alabama Republican candidate for US Senate and generally creepy guy Roy Moore isn’t the only unusual character in the story of his alleged fondness for young teenage girls. Trenton Garmon, an attorney who represents Moore and his charity, the Foundation for Moral Law, is a pretty strange dude in his own way.

Garmon raised some eyebrows on November 10 when he appeared on CNN with host Don Lemon, who he referred to as “Don Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” on several occasions. Lemon was not amused, and he let Garmon know, but Garmon’s reaction suggested that he didn’t really give a flying one about what Lemon thought.

On Wednesday morning Garmon was out and about again, defending Roy Moore to anybody and everybody who would listen. This time he appeared on MSNBC, where he made another strange statement directed toward another brown-skinned host, Ali Velshi.

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Velshi’s co-host Stephanie Ruhle wanted Garmon to explain to her why Moore would need permission from the mothers of girls he wanted to date, if the girls weren’t underage. Instead of directly answering the question, Garmon responded with a comment about Velshi.

Culturally speaking I would say there’s differences. I looked up Ali’s background there — wow, that’s awesome that you have got such a diverse background. It’s really cool to read through that.

Ruhle cut him off, asking what Velshi’s background has to do with the topic of conversation. Garmon responded that he hadn’t finished his point, but Ruhle persisted, wanting him to explain what her co-host’s background has to do with dating 14-year-old girls.

Garmon then started to talk about how in “other countries there is an arrangement through parents” and Ruhle looked like she was going to fall off her chair. “Ali’s from Canada,” Ruhle pointed out.

You would expect a conversation with anyone who was tasked with defending a man who was accused of dating adolescents to be a little unusual, but Garmon goes beyond “unusual.” His dialog with Don Lemon, and now his comments about Velshi suggest that Roy Moore isn’t the only figure in this case who has issues.

Here’s the video, via MSNBC:


  1. you guys just don’t get the south, it is a cultural thing. No one admits to it but it has been going on for ages. Ask any poor girl.

  2. Hey, pedo “community”! There’s your societally preferred lawyer! Enjoy your time in prison with Big Bubba as your cell mate!

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