WATCH: Stephen Colbert Hilariously Mocks Don Jr. For His Virginia Election Tweets

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On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. made a big boo-boo on Twitter when trying to encourage voters in Virginia to get out and vote for Republican Ed Gillespie. The dumbest of the Trump children told GOP voters to make sure they cast their votes for the Trump-backed candidate…on Wednesday. That’s right, he got the day of the election wrong:

This mistake caused Stephen Colbert to have a fit of giggles and on Tuesday night the Late Night host ruthlessly mocked the president’s namesake:

The election was today, not tomorrow. Hashtag whoopsadaisy. Hashtag turns out Eric is the smart one.

Colbert went on to laugh about Don Jr’s later tweets, where he repeated the mistake, then realized it and “screwed it up again.”

This is rapidly devolving, I assume his next tweet is going to be,’Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov of Vagina! Also somebody help–I got my head stuck in my pocket!

Stephen didn’t stop there, he went on for a couple more minutes poking fun at Trump Jr and then his equally as stupid father. It was a perfect monologue to end the night after our blue wave struck Virginia. Have a laugh, watch it below.

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