WATCH: Steve Mnuchin Says Being Called A ‘Bond Villain’ Is Really Nice

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Last week, a photo of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his couture-loving wife Louise Linton holding up treasury notes went viral. Mnuchin apparently invited his wife along to watch sheets of $1 bills be printed with his name on them–a typical photo-op for new treasury secretaries. This morning he told Fox News Sunday that he didn’t know the photos of him and his wife posing like douchebags were going to be made public and go viral. Honestly, how could these photos not go viral?

Mnuchin went on to respond to Americans who said the duo looked like “Bond villains” by claiming that was a nice thing:

I never thought I’d be quoted as looking like villains from James Bond. I guess I should take that as a compliment that I look like a villain in a great, successful James Bond movie.

Has he ever watched a James Bond movie? Because what he said is akin to saying,”It’s such a compliment to be compared to Pennywise in IT.” There is nothing good about being compared to villains who murder and steal. Nothing. It’s absurd that he would even say that and frankly, just further proves how out of touch he is with America. It was bad enough when he was taking his wife on government-funded private jets while she bragged about all of her expensive clothing. Now, this? Get the fuck outta here.

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You know, I didn’t even know the name of President Obama’s treasury secretary or President Bush’s. In fact, I couldn’t tell you the name of a whole slew of their cabinet members because they weren’t screwing up all the time. The Trump Administration is so bad, I know the name of EVERY SINGLE cabinet member and many of their undersecretaries. Can we please just restore sanity to our executive branch? Please?


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