WATCH: ‘The View’ Hosts Rip Kellyanne Conway A New One For Supporting Roy Moore

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Kellyanne Conway now believes a Senate seat for Republicans is more important that keeping a pedophile out of office.

And that seriously pissed off the ladies of The View on Tuesday.

During an appearance on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway initially appeared to agree that Roy Moore should step aside because “no Senate seat is worth a child.”

“Whatever the facts end up being, the premises, of course, the principle, the incontrovertible principle, is that there is no Senate seat worth more than a child,” Conway said. “And we all want to put that forward.”

But four days later, Conway changed her tune and urged voters to elect Moore, basically saying that electing a pedophile is better than electing a Democrat.

“Doug Jones in Alabama, folks, don’t be fooled,” Conway said. “He will be a vote against tax cuts. He is weak on crime, weak on borders. He is strong on raising your taxes. He is terrible for property owners.”

“So, vote Roy Moore?” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“I’m telling you that we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through,” Conway said.

The sudden reversal angered the hosts of “The View,” who took turns blasting Conway and her disgusting hypocrisy, especially since she has daughters of her own.

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Yesterday the governor of Alabama said listen, ‘We need those votes,’” Whoopi Goldberg said. “And then Kellyanne came out and said, ‘Well yeah, we wanted to pass this tax bill. So, basically what they’re saying, it sounds like to me — and if I’m wrong, I’m sure somebody will tell me — but you’re basically saying ‘I don’t care what he did to you. I want to get this tax bill passed.’ And if that is, in fact how you feel, bye! Because I think women are not taking this anymore. Women are not playing with you here.

Sunny Hostin chimed in by asking “how do you put the party before children?”

Trump critic and Republican analyst Ana Navarro answered the question with ease.

“We gotta hooha-grabber-in-chief in the Oval Office!” Navarro told Hostin. “That’s how you do it. This is right out of Donald Trump’s campaign playbook. Donald Trump said that what his campaign and what he said to people is, ‘Look I’m going to appoint a conservative Supreme Court Justice,’ and he has. And therefore, ‘Vote for me no matter what because that’s more important than anything.’”

Joy Behar said that Conway should “be ashamed of herself.”

And they are right. Kellyanne Conway is a hypocrite who cares more about advancing Trump’s tax agenda than she does about the victims of sexual assault. If Moore were a Democrat she would be calling for him to resign and stick to her guns. But Moore is a Republican who could help Trump push his tax plan through the Senate, so Conway has no problem flip-flopping. If women were hoping that Conway would be an ally, they were wrong.


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