WATCH: Trump Supporters Accuse Trey Gowdy Of Being A Hillary Plant

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House Oversight Committee Chairman, Trey Gowdy, has become enemy number one in some pro-Trump circles. He has called for a Congressional probe into what John Kelly knew regarding Rob Porter. Gowdy told CNN Tuesday night that the probe began after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to lawmakers that the Bureau provided the White House the results of a background investigation of Porter as early as July. The report included abuse allegations by Porter’s two ex-wives.

Now, some Trump supporters are saying Gowdy (R-SC) is a Clinton plant and has been all along. They believe his prime objective is to take down Trump. Their biggest argument is that Gowdy wasn’t a politician until after he was appointed Assistant United States Attorney in 1994 by, you guessed it, Clinton. Doesn’t it all make sense to you now? Yeah, me neither. They conveniently forget all about the Benghazi investigation when it suits their fantasies.

Somehow, these unhinged supporters claim the entire Russian probe was orchestrated by the Clintons. The ring leader of these claims seems to be originating from a group who calls themselves Trump Mafia or The Truth Syndicate. After watching a few of the videos and listening to the narrator, our brains have gone numb from The Stupid™.

Let me break their conspiracy down for you:

1. Robert Mueller was appointed to the Northern District of California by the Clinton Administration.
2. James Comey was offered a job as Assistant US Attorney in Virginia by the Clinton Administration.
3. Christopher Wray was appointed Assistant US Attorney of Georgia by the Clinton Administration.
4. Trey Gowdy was appointed Assistant US Attorney in 1994 by the Clinton Administration.

Somehow, these people think the Clintons coerced all these people into becoming career politicians to become their minions and take down all their enemies. These people are insane and clearly have too much time on their hands.

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Take a look at clips “proving” that Gowdy is a Clinton plant:

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