WATCH: Trump-Supporting Fascist Threatens To Burn Down A Liberal Bookstore

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In Berkley, California a pair of Trump-supporting fascists decided it was time to harass liberal bookstore staffers. Berkeley’s Revolution Books boasts on Facebook that it is located in an actual location of revolution. Apparently, this offends those on the right fringe of crazy.

The video begins with a Trump supporter asking a member of the store’s staff if they thought she was racist because she supports Trump. When the staffer was honest and said that she did, the man with said Trump supporter went off. Wearing a MAGA hat, an American flag wrapped around his shoulders, and missing a few teeth, this “patriot” told the staffer how he really felt.

He said,

You f*cking commie scum. You’re commie scum. We’re gonna burn down your bookstore, I hope you know that.

The staffer informed him, while he and his lady friend kept talking, that she had him on camera telling her he would burn the store down. He gave zero f*cks. He continued,

Fuckin’ Marxists pieces of shit. This is America, c*nt. This is America, f*ck you…. Trump is gonna get rid of all you pieces of shit.

Both Trump supporters ignored the staffer’s request to leave the lobby of the store. Instead, they stayed and argued with the worker while all cameras were rolling.

It’s scary that these people are out there – those who would threaten others’ livelihoods because of political differences. Unfortunately, since Trump took office, we see more and more people making these sort of threats in the name of freedom and Trump.

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Watch the shit show below:

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