WATCH: Trumpster Moms Break Into A Mosque To Teach Their Children ‘Patriotism’

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Two Trump-loving moms from Tempe, Arizona may be facing trespassing charges after breaking into a mosque to teach their young children how to hate Muslims. In their minds, they were teaching their kids how to be ‘patriots’- how to love their country. In reality, they were teaching their children how to hate an entire culture of people – it’s an everyday case of indoctrination.

On March 4, Tahnee Gonzales and Liz Dauenhauer broke into the Islamic Community Center of Tempe to expose “the infiltration of the Arabic Muslim coming in and destroying America,” according to the video posted to Gonzales’ Facebook account. Gonzales removed the video after being contacted by media on Tuesday. However, nothing on the internet ever really truly dies.

In the video, they tell their children not to touch certain items because they “don’t know what’s on” them. Then they tell their very young children about “sex goats.” Children that age shouldn’t even know about sex, much less bestiality. And to suggest Muslims are goat-f*ckers is beyond crass. Later in the video, you can hear a very young girl tell her mother, “they smell like goats” in an attempt to gain her mother’s praise.

Parenting skills are not these women’s strong points. They fail at being decent human beings.

The women can be seen with their children gathering up pamphlets and fliers or as they call them: propaganda. This video is pure propaganda – it teaches others how to be hateful, ignorant human beings. These poor children are being brainwashed to hate other humans based on their mothers’ ignorance. It’s disgusting.

Mosque officials have confirmed they had filed a police report and turned over security-camera footage of the incident. Police are investigating.

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We have shared an edited version of the video here. The original, entire video can be seen by following this link. Watch what these types of people are teaching their children. If it doesn’t infuriate you, you are part of the problem:

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