WATCH: Video Of Trump’s Hair As He Boards Air Force One Is Everything

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I am petty. I’m not even going to pretend otherwise. So petty that when I came across this video on the interwebz, I laughed out loud and opened my laptop at 1:30 in the morning so that I can mock the most hated president from my lifetime.

Everyone who has been following Donald Trump’s rise in politics knows that his ego is the size of Asia. And one of the things about himself that he holds especially dear is his signature straw-like, golden combover. For as long as I can remember Trump’s hair has been a topic of conversation. People have wondered if it is real,  if it’s just a wisp that he spreads out, or if it is a dead animal on top of his empty noggin and now we finally have the answer thanks to a video of the POTUS boarding Air Force One:

Excuse us for a second while we laugh:


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When I saw the video I thought,”No way that is real” and apparently, the HuffPo journalist Ashley Feinberg thought the same thing…then she found corroborating evidence:

Honestly, hands down the best thing we have seen forever. I don’t even need to type anymore words. Enjoy.

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