WATCH: White Candidate For VA Race Loses Her Sh*t, Implies Her Black Opponent Isn’t Smart Enough

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Virginia State Senator Jill Vogel went completely off the rails in her debate with Attorney Justin Fairfax (D) for the office of Lt. Governor.  Vogel famously is the author of a transvaginal ultrasound bill that was so soundly lampooned that she was forced to withdraw the bill.

When Fairfax brought up the bill as a refutation of Vogel’s assertion that she is supportive of women’s health care rights, Vogel hopped on the whitesplaining train with a vengeance. In a rant worthy of any white supremacist, she alleged her opponent,  a graduate of Columbia Law School and former federal attorney, was “too ignorant” to understand the real issues of the campaign. As an attorney herself, Vogel should know better. But apparently, she can’t see beyond the color of her opponent’s skin. And like all true blue Trumpers, she continues to respond to facts as “fake news.”

Virginia deserves better than racist Jill Vogel.

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