Well-Known Conservative Ditches Trump, Likens Mueller Investigation To Watergate Scandal

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Conservative radio talk host Hugh Hewitt has likened the Mueller investigations to that of the Watergate investigation. Hewitt did not mince words when discussing the probe into Trump’s campaign team involvement with Russia and the numerous illegal charges levied against them.

With former campaign manager Paul Manafort, his deputy Rick Gates, and then foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos charged; the walls are seemingly closing in and Donald Trump’s term is looking dimmer and dimmer as the hours’ tick by.

Papadopoulos has already pleaded guilty and his information on the connection of Trump and Russia could lead to an unprecedented chapter in America’s history.

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So much so that Hewitt, who by the way voted for Trump despite the allegations surrounding the Trump campaign’s with Russia, is now conceding that the investigation is nearing the levels of the Watergate scandal in the 70s involving Richard Nixon.

“Well, I can tell you, I’ve never heard of the guy [George Papadopoulos] until yesterday, but that doesn’t matter Craig,”  Hewitt stated.

All that matters is what did he do and with whom did he do it and certainly the people who broke into the Watergate weren’t very high level in the campaign of Nixon ’72 and they ended up bringing down a presidency, so it doesn’t really matter what his job title is, what matters is what he did.

It is often said that “the first off a sinking ship is the rats.” And with the Mueller investigation looming with possibly further indictments and his continuance of fumbling issue after issue, Trump’s approval rating has been steadily declining even within his base.

It’s just a shame that nobody could have predicted how complicated it could be to President with puppet strings attached from Moscow.

Really wish Donnie could leave some winning for the rest of us.

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