Well-Trained Gun Owner Is Shot Twice After Securing Firearm In Oven

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Robin Garlock of Warren, Ohio is a gun owner. Like all knowledgeable firearm owners, he thought he should secure his handgun while in the presence of children. He and his girlfriend expected children to be visiting their home at the beginning of the week. It is unclear what children were due at their house or why, but the oven’s broiler won out over all the other hiding spots in the house.

Unfortunately, he did not tell his girlfriend.

The gun was loaded – because responsible gun owners always store loaded firearms in a box that can heat up to 500 degrees in a matter of minutes. Can you read the sarcasm in my words?

I have never taken a gun safety course, but I would wager that scenario is never part of the class.

According to Detective Wayne Mackey, on Sunday night Garlock’s girlfriend decided she wanted to bake. As she was in the kitchen, she heard a gunshot seemingly outside very close to the house. She called for Garlock who came running, yelling at her to get down.

She got down as her boyfriend opened the broiler’s door. The gun was spinning from the heat. He tried to remove it, burned himself and then was shot in both shoulders. It is uncertain if whole bullets or bullet fragments pierced Garlock’s body. His injuries are serious, but he is in stable condition

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When Detective Mackey spoke with the couple at the hospital, it was clear that the girlfriend was not aware of the stored oven gun before she began baking. He joked, “The culprit is a Maytag oven. The oven initially tried to blame the refrigerator.” Mackey stated that neighbors would be notified of the oven shooting to calm their fears.

Storing a loaded weapon in an oven should be a criminal offense. Gun nuts are quick to compare guns to vehicles any time a mass shooting happens and gun control is brought up. Perhaps the idiots making those comparisons would like to have their firearms treated in the same manner as vehicles: training, performance tests, registration, licenses, and property taxes. If you don’t follow the law, you have your rights removed and are doing some jail time.

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