White House Worried Trump Is Going To Cause Diplomatic Crisis By Saying Stupid Sh*t On Asia Trip

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Donald Trump is scheduled to make another visit overseas to meet with foreign leaders and White House officials are reportedly scared to death that our Idiot-in-Chief will cause a diplomatic crisis by saying something stupid.

During Trump’s 12-day trip to Asia, he will visit China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. With a history of going off-script and putting his foot in his mouth at every given opportunity, advisers are terrified of what type of nonsense he might decide to spout while visiting Asia. One outside adviser explained that Trump’s trip “could be a disaster.”

‘The biggest risk is not that he’s going to say something that spoils the U.S.-China relationship, but that he’s going to be so fawning and uncritical of China and Xi Jinping that it raises alarms in the rest of the region about a grand bargain between the U.S. and China,’ said Ely Ratner, who advised former Vice President Joe Biden on Asia.

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On top of his normal tendency to say dumb sh*t, those close to Trump fear that jetlag and being out of his comfort zone will make matters even worse. Their fears are not at all unfounded.

On Trump’s first foreign trip he arrived in Israel and said, “we just got back from the Middle East.” He then visited Europe, where he failed to reassure leaders that he was committed to NATO and completely blew his speech when he traveled to Saudi Arabia, which he blamed on exhaustion from the trip.

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His following two foreign trips did not go much better and this one will be his longest trip yet. According to analysts, Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping is destined to be “uncomfortable,” at best.

“Trump is by far the weakest leader in modern U.S. history, and Xi is by far the strongest leader,” said Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, a global risk-assessment firm. “That’s going to make the meeting uncomfortable.”

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