White Supremacist Sebastian Gorka: ‘Black Africans’ Killing Each Other ‘By The Bushel’ (VIDEO)

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Obsolete former WH advisor and obvious racist Sebastian Gorka would like us all to stop worrying about white men with automatic weapons mass murdering innocent Americans and focus on the “real” problem—which according to Gorka is “Black Africans.”

Gorka, who was speaking in opposition of legislation to ban bump stocks—the kind that helped a white male acting on his own to murder hundreds of people in Las Vegas—stated:

The biggest problem we have is not mass shootings, they are the anomaly. You do not make legislation out of outliers. Our big issue is black African gun crime against black Africans.

Referring to white shooters as “anomalies”, “outliers”, and the GOP’s personal favorite, “lone wolves”, while referring to similar crimes committed by people of color as a larger problem within the race or religion is a classic example of the systemic racism that is running rampant in our country.  Gorka continued his rant by stating:

Go to Chicago. [B]lack young men are murdering each other by the bushel. This is a social issue. Allow the police to do their jobs and re-build those societies. Legislation will not save lives.

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When a white man commits a violent crime, the story is always the same: he was acting on his own, was mentally ill or had a substance abuse problem. We don’t need to worry about any larger issue within white society or be afraid of other white men committing similar crimes. But the minute one Black man shoots another, it is due to their “violent nature” and is a problem that needs to be addressed within the Black community.

Gorka’s statements were questioned by a woman speaking on the same WJLA gun violence panel, who called out Gorka’s reference to “Black Africans” by stating:

I assume what he’s talking about is African-Americans.

It would seem that it was too much for Gorka to admit that Black people living in Chicago are just as American as anyone else in the country. His statement is ridiculous, and is tantamount to me referring to myself as a “German” even though I have never been to Germany, have no relatives that I know of there, and speak maybe three words of German.

Sadly, this type of classic racist rhetoric has become commonplace within the GOP. Step one: dehumanize the race. Step two: tell people they should be afraid of the race because of their inherently violent nature. Step three: tell people how to “solve” this problem. It’s like they are all taking a page from Hitler’s playbook, and if you are not f*cking outraged yet, you should be.

WATCH: Sebastian Gorka refers to Black Americans as “Black Africans”


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