White Supremacist Teacher Fired After Students Find His Twitter Account (Video)

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What is with neo-Nazis Nazis the alt-right white supremacists using their public social media accounts to spread all their white-supremacy fuckery? Eventually, someone is going to discover propaganda that may hurt your job – especially if that job includes molding the minds of students – diverse students.

Greg Conte, a substitute teacher and coach in a Catholic high school in Maryland, recently found himself unemployed after students found alt-right propaganda on his Twitter account. His Twitter account lists his name as Gregory Ritter, but his handle is @Real_Greg_Conte. He announced his involvement with Richard Spencer (has anyone punched him recently?) by listing himself as the director of operations at the National Policy Institute (NPI), which is run by the high profile white supremacist.

The CEO of the school, Kathleen Prebble, stated in part in a letter,

Prior to his firing, he was successfully using an alternate identity in his work with his atrocious group. As for his potential impact on our girls, I conducted an investigation at the time of his firing and determined there was no reason to think that he negatively influenced any of our girls with his philosophy.

The school was aware of the posts and comments in October when he was fired. When interviewed by the local news station, the school did not mention why they waited until January to let students’ parents know the details of his termination.

For Conte, he has basically no regrets. He stated, “I don’t regret it. I obviously liked working at the school and I miss everybody, but I understand the political situation and I expected them to act as they did.” Ummm, the political “situation” being that this reprehensible man has posted things like, “Hitler did not commit any crimes.” Free speech is great, but not when you support and sympathize with Nazis.

Apparently, he has a number of supporters. This screen grab comes from his Twitter feed:

This is beyond disgusting.

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Watch the local coverage below. Check out the field reporter’s facial expression as they cut to Conte’s interview. It’s around the :35 mark:

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